Magic /Chapter 2/

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He came out of the coffee shop with a dead serious expression on his face and I knew he was hoping I wouldn't start yelling at him again. He handed the coffee to me without a single word as our fingers brushed against each other. 'Thanks.'

I think I even managed to smile at him as he was desperately trying to find something in his pockets, it was kind of hysterical, but I managed not to laugh. 'What are you doing?' And again, he didn't say anything, he didn't even have to when I saw a tissue in his hand. He didn't even give me a chance to stop him before he tried to get the coffee out of my coat, rubbing that damn tissue over my coat back and forth as it was /un/comfortably moving over my breasts too. Carrie was just standing there, staring and the whole situation was starting to be rather awkward. I stepped back because I have no idea what else to do to make him stop. 'It's okay. You don't have know, do that.' He pushed his hands back to his jeans pockets and finally said something. 'I am really sorry...' And that was all I heard, my brain focused on something else than his words and it was the sound of his voice. It was deep and calm, slow. Like he was thinking about every word before he actually said it and those lips...I had to stop right there, because my mind was going to dangerous places. 'Uhm I am sorry, you were saying?' How embarassing, he was talking to me the whole time and I just wasn't listening. 'You missed my epic apology, your loss.' I could see a smirk playing across his lips and I failed to hold back a laugh. Playful rockstar, who would have thought?
'If you expect me to apologize now, don't get your hopes up.' He laughed now and it was a sincere loud laugh that you just can't fake. 'Anyway, we better go.' I tugged at Carrie's coat since she was /still/ just standing there, staring at Nick like a total creep, I was surprised that poor guy didn't run away screaming, I would. 'I'll see you around.' Wait, what? He was a famous singer, when was I actually going to see him around? 'See you, rockstar.' And the last thing I saw was his smile at my little nickname for him, before I turned around and walked away, dragging Carrie behind me. I had the horrible urge to turn around and wave at him, or maybe just see if he was looking too and I couldn't resist. I looked over my shoulder right when he did the same and I knew I had to resist waving at him, because I knew he wasn't going to do the same and I would be standing there feeling like a total fool.

'Seriously, what is wrong with you?' I shook my head because my best friend was clearly acting like a crazy fifteen year old fan. 'Me? What is wrong with you?' She was staring at me like I was the one acting like a psychopath. She didn't say a word to him, she was just looking at him like she was about to pounce him right there and she dared to ask me this, really? 'Did you miss the fact he is completely absolutely utterly so fucking hot?' Rolling my eyes at her question was a must, did this woman care about something else than looks? I guess not. 'So what?' Carrie laughed in disbelief. 'This is exactly why you can't find a boyfriend.' I couldn't believe she actually said that, but since she was my best friend, I accepted it without getting mad at her. 'I don't have a boyfriend, because I am tired of dating douchebags that only want sex. I am way past that phase.' And here she goes again, staring at me like a creep as she heard my words. We were standing in front of the building where I was working. 'Stop acting like my grandma.' I was actually glad I was going to get rid of her for a couple hours and her oh so smart advices. 'You have a nice day too.' I didn't even wait for her response before I walked in. I refused to accept she was maybe right, maybe I was crazy for not noticing how incredibly handsome he was, maybe I refused to accept that's exactly what I was thinking about the whole time he was standing there, right in front of me, talking to me. Maybe it was a warning it was about time to change something, change the way my mind worked, changed the way I distanced myself from this side of life. The side of life that was about love, touch, kisses, sex and letting people in.
'Morning.' I waved at my boss as I walked into our radio studio. He waved right back at me and didn't say a word about me coming in late, that poor guy was actually used to it by now. 'Could you please get ready, we are having a guest today.' He was grinning at me like a crazy fool, I don't think I ever saw him that excited. It was true since we were a small local radio, we didn't have famous guests very often. 'Why didn't you say anything before?' I frowned, getting ready for something last minute was a pain in my ass, especially when I didn't know what or who was it gonna be. 'It was kinda last minute, I didn't have a chance.' Yeah right, Jason was a terrible liar, it would be better if he simply said he forgot. 'Who is it anyway?'


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1 Anon Anon | 8. december 2014 at 11:33 | React

Zatiaľ super. Ten dialóg s Nickom ma pobavil. :D Rýchlo ďalšiu časť :)

2 :sally: :sally: | 8. december 2014 at 19:50 | React

Absolutely loving this story, cannot wait for another chapter. Hurry hurry up. x)

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