Magic /Chapter 1/

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New Life

18 months ago

'Mom, can you listen to me? I will come pick you up tomorrow, can you please stop freaking out now?' My family was moving to New York and yes, it was a complete disaster. They were loud, not to mention butting into your life and your decision. On the other hand, they were the most loving people on this planet and in fact, I couldn't wait to have them here with me. 'Yes mom, I can't wait to see you. Yes, I love you too.' I couldn't help, but smile, hearing my mom call me baby girl, it was always going to make me feel like I was a child again.

I noticed Carrie laughing, of course she couldn't help herself seeing me try to calm my overreacting mother down. 'Bloody amused, aren't you?' I really tried to sound mad, but I couldn't keep the amusement out of my voice either. 'Actually yes.' I shook my head as we were standing in a long line of people waiting at Starbucks for their coffee. Carrie out of all the people knew I was super bitchy before having my morning caffeine fix and I already got used to her laughing at me every morning. Her obsession with coffee was obviously not as strong as mine and yeah yeah I know it is not healthy, but who cares, right? It was a beautiful Friday morning. Yes mostly beautiful because it was Friday, the sun was shinning and I was 'only' like an hour from getting my cup of energy and I wasn't even late for work, makes a change. I had a great job at a local radio, buried all day in music, music and once again music. Picking the best songs and playing them all day long for more people than you can imagine. It was something I never pictured myself doing and something I absolutely fell in love with the day I tried it for the first time. Jason, my current very handsome married boss with two kids gave me a chance, full knowing I had no experience being a radio producer whatsoever and I was going to be eternally grateful he saved me from serving coke and chicken nuggets at McDonalds...or worse.

'What the hell are they doing?' Carrie asked impatiently, making me laugh as I saw her tapping her foot against the floor, getting more and more annoyed each minute. 'Knowing my luck, they just ran out of coffee and they will have to order some from Columbia or whatever and they will leave me standing here without coffee all day and I am just gonna die.' I sighed, yeah I was overreacting a bit, so what? 'Quite dramatic aren't you?' Carried shook her head, laughing. I loved how even after three years in New York, she couldn't get rid of her British accent.
'I didn't even ask, how did your date go?' Carrie rolled her eyes and I knew that wasn't a good sign. She was preparing for this date as if she was about to meet Orlando Bloom. 'It started out amazing, he was wearing this amazing suit and looked so...yummy.' Oh yeah, I forgot how important good looks was to this woman. 'But he got all weird and started asking about him moving in with me and he actually had his toothbrush in his pocket, because he knew this was going to end up in my bed. Can you believe that creep?' I was really trying not to laugh, trust me, I really was, but I failed. 'Don't bloody laugh. Anyway, then I excused myself to the bathroom and sneaked out.' She shrugged and looked really relieved she managed to get out of there. 'You actually left the poor guy sitting there alone?' Okay he was a creep, but still. 'Yeah whatever, he will live. We are up.' Ah, finally, we stepped to the counter and ordered our coffee, I was actually excited about this, how sad. I even managed to smile at that poor woman standing behind the counter, she looked like my dad when he was hungry and that was not pretty.
And just as I was about to walk out of the door and take that first oh so amazing sip, my coffee was gone, spilled all over my coat to be exact. All that was left was that delicious coffee smell, normally I wouldn't mind, IF IT WASN'T SPILLED ALL OVER MY NEW COAT. 'You've got to be kidding me.' I shouted and I didn't care how many people either jumped because I scared them or even stopped walking and were now staring at us. Did I actually want to make a scene in front of all these people? Oh yes please. I was furious and just...ugh! 'Can't you watch where you walk? Or hold the bloody door open like a gentleman you are obviously NOT?' Those words were out before I could actually notice who I was talking to. Carrie just stood there open mouthed as he looked shyly at me, looking genuinely sorry he ruined my morning and I forgave him right that second, not that I would ever admit that. 'I am really sorry.' He said quietly and I almost...yes only almost smiled at his attempt to somehow remove the coffee from my jacket, yes tissue is gonna make it all better, rockstar. 'It's okay.' I stepped back because the whole situation was starting to be rather awkward. 'Can I make it up to you? Buy you another coffee or two? Three?' A smile was tugging at the corners of his mouth, but he wouldn't smile fully in case I was still mad, which I was. He didn't even wait for my answer, ran inside and he was back in two minutes. Of course, people like him didn't have to wait in line.


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