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Tak a je to tu, budem rada ak si to niekto prečítate, možno si precvičíte angličtinu a možno sa Vám to začne aj páčiť. Enjoy.

Decisions, decisions...

He was standing there, his hand on the back of his neck, nervous and angry, sad even? If we weren't stuck in this complicated mess, I would actually enjoy how amazingly handsome he was in that black suit, white shirt and a gray tie. We had no idea what to say, how to make this better.
'What do you want me to do?' He asked, desperate for me to give him some sort of hope that this will actually end well. Ah, I doubt it.
'You are old enough to make your own decisions and this is clearly what you want.' I frowned the moment those words left my mouth. How dare he make me responsible for this? He sighed, sitting down on the bench under the window. There was nothing I wanted more than to comfort him, take his hand in mine like I used to do when he was stressed or upset, tell him that it is us, him and me against the world. He startled me as he stood up so suddenly, walking straight to me and for that sweet one second I thought he was going to kiss me and I knew I wouldn't say no or try to fight him. His hands were moving up and down over my arms and in that moment I wished he would stop, because everytime he touched me I was in a different world. After seeing so many break ups and my friends stuffing their mouths with tons of Ben and Jerry's, trying to forget how badly their douche boyfriends hurt them, I promised myself I would never let anyone do this to me. Yeah right. Here I was standing, frozen and wanting nothing more than this guy to hold me. Yeah he was stubborn and grumpy, frowny and too serious, but he was mine and I loved him so.
'I need only one word, one word and I won't do it, I will take your hand and walk out of my own wedding, never looking back, not caring what other people are going to think, not caring about the consequences because God knows I feel nothing for her and love you with every part of me. Tell me...please.' He choked out his last word and it took everything in me not to cry, was this really the best for him? Or me?



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1 Kika Kika | Email | Web | 16. november 2014 at 23:21 | React

o.O. dokonce jsem si musela překládat asi jen 4 slovíčka, potlesk pro mě :D

Láska je hrozná věc a úplně nejhorší je ta naděje, že budete opravdu jen vy dva proti světu... Škoda, že to tak nefunguje :-(

2 M M | Web | 17. november 2014 at 21:18 | React

No vidíš, to bol cieľ, nikoho predsa nebaví sedieť nad poviedkou s otvorením slovníkom :D

Súhlasím, je smutné, že to tak funguje len v poviedkach. :(

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